she appeared to me rubicund

due to her radiating face/ not alone

bur herpear-shaped figure

whose bums had an earth-mother

high effect on the artist

who immediately had an urge

to study her buttocks in a drawing

and perhaps in a painting

or in a complex integrated portrait

he still had to work out an approach

not to intimidate her/ or make her

feel ridiculed

as she didn’t like her appearance

and she’d intend to shake-off

excessive weight with a cure –

shed wieight like a tree sheds leaves

in autumn

to stanf before him as a great model

for him to painting the essence of

her soul –

as the beauty of a face will be found

in the inner light

that turns her body desirable/ and

immediately the portrait of his aunt


who had gained weight

presenting her richly shaped behind

effectively as an inheritance

defining her cretan ancestry.




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