only in the process of ageing

one may see the rare appearance

of beauty and which miracle it is

if/ between the factories and canons

flowers will bloom/ and between

newspapers and dealer slips/ poetry

still exists.

poet/novelist Hermann Hesse had

me inspired to extend my own poem

on his valued thoughts about hope:

only at an advanced age – because

one still loves life – you’d visualize

a virtual perspective that lets you

think at a grey trainstation as a

pleasant view/ perhaps the greenery

at the end of the open bend lifts it up

to become a virtual pleasant experience

perhaps just one wondrous moment

could be such a gift to an ageing artist

and poet of love

in experiencing a promising soulmate.

mutual inspiration will always be enhanced

by beautiful minds

that albeit been exposed to polar wind

gusts of ignorance

but whose awakening spring of creativity

will be protected thru’

artistic encouragements.




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