look up then/ alex said

it’s warm enough/ have i turned

the heating up all right? indeed

you do it well

living inmidst of the woods

now my second exhibition can’t

take place/ lockdown until the

easter bunnies emerge/ if?

i even put my next poetry book

on the back burner of my stove’s

creative flame/ for a while.

the one fruit is from kritzendorf

alex said/ the golden kiwi from

the bio-shop.

there are also more cd’s/ he handed

a pack of them to the astonished

artist asking about his activities.

i’ve done my drawings for the

erotic poetry book: cantos libidos.

the two kiwis were like as if alex

would have presented his balls

into the hands of the artist/ but

they supposed to be for his spouse

he had no more intimacies with.

he thought of last time/ coming

on her neck/ gave her a climax.

alex would never have done that

but perhaps dance for her naked.

here she is/ exclaimed alex and

took everything out of the artist’s

hands and gave it to his spouse.

the artist closed the window next

to his working desk/ checking out

a discussion about james joyce

in dublin.

weidling – kafka

dublin – joyce


weidling. gnildiew



One thought on “joyce

  1. working in recluse/ that had to be earned/ the artist and poet has thanked the god of poetry and his muses to help him with a stimulating environment, where creativity happens to bloom. zz.

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