when you’ve to get up at four

in the morning

to nurse your aching shoulderjoints

and finally struggle out of bed

to hit the shower that you have to

nurse like a baby

you’ll find not the usual hot water

to aid your ossuarian aches

the geyse-unit clock shows that

hot water had been used up/ or

that the unit doesn’t heat-up

the way it used to/ just recently.

damned! it seemed that when the

landlord had changed his energy supplier

for a better rate/ the quality has suffered

less power/ maning power-out times for

the same mone? alas!

whatever/ the moans and groans become

loud in your writing corner

attend to your daily exercises of writing.

at times our literary efforts will be

successful and inspired

writing will emerge when you move

into the groove of creativity.

you’ll feel it.

you’ll greet it like a long lost lover

coming back.

it’ll be a feast again.

move forward.




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