having turned the almost full

circle of life

with a small reference of drwings

and paintings

created in the weekend-resort for

well-to-do viennese

not such a bad recluse for the artist

who views the blue skies from a

window close to his writing desk

fortunately the described bars of

incarceration are not a hindrance

to his creative spirit

not a detriment for his expressions

but a welcome rule by authorities

to keep the wolf at the door.

fortunately there are friends

who indeed have an ear and

a pair of eyes

to assist thru’ electronic help

in this age of messaging/ordering

thru’ the Internet/ staying a couch

potato if you like.

don’t become boondocks in your


even if you stay in one of the villages

in the hinterland –

there’s a sea of knowledge on the Internet

for all available at all times.




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