like george orwell experienced


many people of the generation before

have also experienced it

so did we experience totalitarianism

after the Hungarian uprising 1956

close to our eastern province of austria

one does not have to live in that country

to see the suffering of humans.

there are enough suppressions even

today/ in a different way

industries have closed

coffee houses too

interaction laid into chains

people to people without touches

the poet is called upon to edit

and publish new lyrical ballads

while the artist/zg/renders drawings

he wishes to exhibit

once the government loosens the noose

they have placed around our necks.




One thought on “noose

  1. i touch my neck and free my face from a ffp2-mask
    there are times when breathing is quite laboured
    people at times swear/accuse/become highly irritated…
    but then george orwell had this feeling physically
    when he experienced the Spanish Civil War.

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