viva anti-corona

now not a good morn‘

as usual

but bearable at 5:30 am

immediately to the laptop

whose hinge had broken

but still in a workable state

load-up the formatted

manuscript as a german

translation: ‘der fabrizierer’

from its English version

“the fabricator.”

with the help of harald’s


i just made my personal


albeit our many tries per

e-mail. thanks for gentle

knights and good angels.

off to town and check-out

the art-print sample for

the depiction of the total

apollo frieze

and perhaps studio ‘a’

will open its doors to my

vernissage at the beginning

of march at spittelberg.

if you wish to register for

a vaccine shot

it’ll take good nerves

there seem to be no notice

of registration yet for one’s

doctor’s rooms

nor are there any vaccines

available yet for senior folk.

probably i’ll finish another

book by then.

viva anti-corona.



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