body and soul

his friend the observer

speaks of being locked-up

in a cage

that reminds the poet

of the woman in a gilded


falling prey

to be treated by a maniac

prince of the aztec-rituals

in complete darkness


thanks to the tools of comm’s

the wolf’s of depression are

stopped at one’s door.

this entrepreneur with a paid


including a vaccine against

the bad covid 19 virus

is certainly a hero in humanistic


but then not in every country.

so – born with privileges

has its greater personal benefit

for the top-layers of society


don’t condemn the

caste systems of this world

if you are just doing the same

to your contemporaries

below your fascial masks

you could even your custom

made one in tokio.

my friend the fashion designer

and photographic exceptional

disliked all hipocrysities. period.

back to one’s artistic environment

with body and soul.



One thought on “body and soul

  1. I haven’t been so claustrophobic, living away from the city and enjoying the open air with pleasant walks and taking in some fresh air. But, whenever I have to travel downtown to do my specific purchases, I miss my friends, my muses, my beloved coffee-house atmosphere.
    So, I write about my state of being and greet my fellow human beings.

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