twentysixth song

lying awake at the

crack of dawn

i felt you touching me

aroused I turned-up

touching your body

you suddenly were in

my arms,

i was holding you

squeezing my longing

into you

my body that longs to slide

its phallic excitement into


be in you

move in you

lustfully up and down

this sideway screw

that excites the utmost

out of you

that turns my juices into


heats up this pot of red-hot


that we want to mingle

together with your jizz

of cooling

hisses on this fire of

evaporative bursts

pushing our lustful turbine

powers into high flying


spine to brain and back

into loving thrusts

that will coincide with

this lance of pure gilded


we touch deep inside

let it rip through

our embraces in tightness

your cunt grabbing my cock

so tight/so tight

i cry with you in sweet

contractions of the

ultimate in lust

we cry together.




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