twentyfith song

we found pleasure like we

found the perfect pebble

on the beach at porto r –

we touched and energy


transformed into excitement’s

liquid and amalgamated flows

our mutual stimulation had

increased a hundredfold.

the fire started in my core

roaring stronger in lustful


wildfire turning into this one

giant flame:

my hard cock in your pussy


prurience having taken over

in growing to this huge


pushing this pleasure into

many rising peaks

a faster and faster turning

merry-go-round sensation.

from those faint sparks at

the beginning

that flared-up into deepening


forging our physical and mental

energies into this condensation

this point of a red-hot lance.

and while the cries of our souls

emerging from this pyre and

increase with intensity from

this painful lust in all its moves

they will heighten into this intense

sensation of this throbbing arrival

of a death-like coming

like the closing-in of a

summer storm

we feel it’s coming

to unload.

emerging as a hot rush across

my body and rising thru’

the spinal chord

to flow to my head and

burst-out together with

my cry

with your cries together

these sensations that are

excruciatingly sensuous

you so tenaciously seek

and at the moment of its peak

you close your eyes

make the best of moments


i feel my heart stop a beat

a moment of drifting suspension

in time.

the hot rush now over

in this breath-taking piercing

this closeness of a crushing


dousing our bodies burns

in these waves of pleasure

we dissolve into each other

become uncontrolled in our


upon this sea of rolling




One thought on “twentyfith song

  1. Thanks folks, to like my prose-poetry, it’s appreciated to give it a ‘like.’ However no skin of your nose, it’s merely an encouragement to carry on – for the poet. You mustn’t be afraid, nobody will take you to book, except I will enjoy your appreciation. zz.

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