twentyfourth song

i have died many times

in love

i have with you.

i have died today again

in your arms

in the fire of your


your body stretched out

along on mine.

have I thought about

this before?

when i did in the youth

of my love

spread my body onto


found my desire harden

my phallus that so lovingly

was pounding

into the wetness of your


i was loving you with

fervor of the

charged-up lover

that i did/i did!

and how we loved!

now in the mature stage

of our love

with our libidos

still so well intact

we love so well and


like two lovers that

are attuned to each other

that know all the ways to

turn each other on and

that project their desires

openly for the other

make him climax

make her do it so that

it makes us climax together

in this small death

that we so seek and want

to do

at all times whenever

we meet,

we do.

today I died a bit more

than usually i do

having loved you

all night

having felt your body warm

and thus so close.

your pussy that covered

my cock like a glove

your nearness that I could

enjoy languidly

and to the tilt so much

i drank you like good wine.

and then I was so drunk

of you

i am still now!

as we make love again

come together in this

glorious ride

this morning’s fuck

we do now

we do love

we love…

we fuck until we die.



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