twentythird song

we are two pairs of


two persons to each


mirrored in our free love

two voices that bounce

back and forward

as I rub myself into you

as you sit now on me

each on its own

yet intimate together

i see you lying down

my body moving into


at a distance I feel the

rocking moves

the prodding eye of my

phallus’ head

that penetrates your


you see me lying down

on your garland framed

pristine bed

stretching my cock

riding high into the warm

and humid air

you mount me and you

sink your sheath of wet

kissing vulva onto my

red-hot erection.

in a cry we move and you

ride me like an apache

rides his beloved horse

wowee i cry and my near

come signals will entice

you to the utmost

my sprays of semen will

induce your come

mingling our juices

we still are linked in spasms

grinding into each other

grind and grind

two pairs

now you and me alone

in throws of a lustful




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