twentyfirst song

walking into a dark room

that is foreign

into a warm bed you frequent

all night in darkness

i see you though

but only as a man that has

eyes through his hands

as his sensual extensions

has his mouth and lips

that can touch and feel,

in circling strides of your

tongue will I feel you upon


succumbing to your skin

contacts on me.


once my lips/my mouth/my

sensual fingertips

have softly unturned

every corner

the slightest undulations that

have responded to my sliding


my slipping kisses,

my piercing into the wetness

of your spread open thighs

my deeper penetration.

and now it is you who dwells

upon me in your clasping


luscious moves of copulation

crushes of body suffocations

fiery frictions of touching


that shed/inflame/and burn

that offer this purgatory

this pelvic rocking purge

without any light

and by the crack of dawn

i wake alone


with more desire to seek


with more longing

to be with you

in the light

to see you alive in your


to see you completely

with my own eyes.



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