he was a man

some men thought of

as a child

but only men who were

ashamed of hiding

their childhood

buried in their souls

but a child who had joy

concocting his art

like mozart had fun in

composing music.

great. It felt good!

and who would appreciate

his happy demeanour?

it was a woman called mon.

mon was a loner

a non-conformist like he was

but then she fostered his

artistic plant

too delicate to survive alone

in a belligerent climate

toward artists in general

but then the climate up north

is for hardy plants

with a lack of sunshine and

warm air.

stay a bit longer –

the inner voice sounds

there might be a warmer

climate still to come to

your lands too.

well/do i have a choice as

a former emigre?

not that it counts –

all what counts are my words

that are my children

and those were born free




One thought on “loner

  1. when he looked at the movie ‘amadeus’
    he was living himself partly and partly he knew
    which road to take one day
    but when he was close to a milestone along
    he would snigger and play the fool
    some people thought of him to be a
    three-year-old child. Hah!

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