on my pet-rock

i bought in athens from

maria it’s written:

Η αγάπη που νιώθεις στην καρδιά σου

είναι το πιοσημαντικό πράγμα στη ζωή –

i kept this with me for a long time

finally I would miss the pet-stone

as it had been thrown out by the owner

of the two-family home

i used to live in for three years

painted most of my work of the 2010’s


the fourteen canvases of my

apollo frieze

(wow i could save them too!)

even if I lost my pet-rock

the wisdom of the words stayed

in my heart implanted

a truth I brought from athens to this

nordic lands. indeed.

i’m glad that I never lost contact with

the magical city

its historical places

its inspiration exerted still in me

that lives forth with the muses

who will forever appear

called upon from my frieze i have

painted in athens. see now?

the muses still smile upon me




One thought on “muses

  1. one muse usually inspires a poet
    the one who expired by virtue of
    a personal sacrifice
    had sent him another muse
    and another and another
    so that’s how is inspiration will
    live on forever…

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