nineteenth song

death in prurience came

swift and wanted this morn’

like at its most heightened

moment of pure concupiscence

waking with a hard-on that

sticks proud of the body

shapes the softness of my

pajamas like a mound that

has grown proud out front.

your hands are never still

thanks for small wonders

you love my ways of


you kiss my cock to turn

me into solid rock

into the warm pulsating shaft

that spikes your body

in this rite

we do so lovingly

subscribe to daily.

this ritual that became

a religion for us

we follow in all depth

with all desires

in pure lustful transformation

that turn us into ecstatic

saints as we do nail each

other with

bittersweet and painful


to this cross

of orgasmic screams.

i hold you close and

shake with you in the

aftermath of shock-like

lust and pour all my love

all my tenderness

into you

like a disciple of the


like a disciple or an

adoring follower of

the rabbi :

jesus of nazareth.

so much i love and adore

you and i feel your love

like a tremor flooding thro

my loins as you kiss me

hug me intimately in your

genuflect adoration

your lips you place in a

long and ardent kiss on my

head that now swollen lies

warm embedded in the

moving womb of

your mouth.



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