seventeenth song

drunk with love and lust

i sink deep into this dust

of subtle meditation

metamorphosis of my mind

this cool and tranquil groove

overgrown with orange fruit

scents of your body’s heat

that entices my dance in space

with you

untouched and free in flight

a space travel of clouds

dissipating –

forming into spheres of

cubes and ball shaped figures

sculptures of mist and cotton


airiness that has no time

no hindrances to float through


and now I can visualize your

body like a turning spindle

like a fireball/a cocoon of body



inside out and outside in

you are in me

your body opens like a funneled


a soft molded receptacle

a sacred dish for sacrifice

that offers me this reviving


my cracked dry lips suck-up

the juice that drops like

hot wax onto my face in

pricking sensations with

every single drop –

my body now convolutes

in exotic twitching

tarantula’s dancing

wild and uncontrolled

a savage beast in heat

that lances, crying out

to his mate that this is

now an end

to utmost exaltations

this libido of crushing shapes

and ever changing

kubrik’s cube games

in 3d,

bundling together all my


my most intensive want to


creating another life/two/

that of a loving pair that

tasted the enticing demo

flights into the presence

into the future

into this window of

prurience’s paradise.



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