sixteenth song

late/late at night

when my senses seem

dulled from the daily


the lights are out.

all the overactive people

fallen into a snooze

young bodies sway in

dance-like moves in their


but I sit alone and seek

your sensual presence

that would lull me into

a wellbeing-climax

bring me close to my


the way you sit and

choose your words

that make my body so

heftily aroused

you let me feel your love

on my body’s shape

your face that sweeps

your love into my loins

your lips have become

your receptacles

that take me into you

heating up my stiffened


along its hardened shaft

you so lovingly devour

slide along in bobbing


like I will slide into you

when we can be alone.

this fellatio you can do

on me tonight

that heat you blow into


that turns into sweet


explosion in your mouth

that’s your soul’s

innermost extension.

paying me this compliment

the largest indeed

a woman in love

provides to her lover

her beloved.

i am dying sweet and sticky

in your tongue’s circling


i press against and push

in excited thrusts against


i hold your head and feel your


pressing me between their

softened mounds

letting me slide all over you

covering your body with

my juices

trails of white/sweet sap

i rubbed so tenderly

into you.

oh sweet suck! my love!

how could I sleep tonight?

i desire you so much

it’s still hurting me

to find you lonesome

i will be soon in you-

and all will be again well

for some time.



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