fifteenth song

in the quiescence of early
when erotic images are mingling
with my body’s involuntary
that resemble primeval dancing
when bodies seek
Each other close
you wake me with a touch and
that rush desires for you
right thru’ my loins
rubbing of bodies and skins
that catch alight
in our semi-conscious minds
we move as we have always
in sliding circular motions
then you guide me into you
i slide and slide and disappear
into your cunt that sucks
my cock
that sucks me into you
and all myself
my heart and soul
my body will dissolve in you
a final rocking and with a
final cry
and when a deepened sigh.

we lie outstretched,
i watch your body’s shape
that lies on its side
your hip that rises against
this early light
like a whale
smooth and soft
i still move into you
wanting to extend this
pleasures I feel
piercing your tender flesh
merged with your warmth
of your inner vulva
i let you caress my throbs and
with these contractions of
your labia that kisses
its swollen head and places
your ring of licks around it
that makes me come
in spurts
that takes my breath away
and claws my fingers into
your arching back
into the softness of your
bobbing thighs
i cry/i cry myself relieved
into the height of your cries
feeling the urge
to be in you forever,
and then die.


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