fourteenth song

standing alone

naked in the darkened room

and waiting for you to appear

do you lust with your

suppressed desires to seek me

in my room?

across this tiny courtyard

where we can extend our

minds and bodies

project into this darkened

void ourselves

with candles lit to outline

our shapes and to let the

other half absorb the body

we want to touch

to hug and absorb with our


our burning skins and our


we switch on our lights

it is past midnight and we

connect to each other through

our earphones

‘good evening love’ your voice

reaches my ears softly ‘i love you’

‘let me kiss you’ i say and hear

your breathing increase its sound

as I touch you.

‘take your top off love

let me touch your breasts’

‘oh’ is all I hear as you bend

backwards on your bed

let me touch your full ripened


kissing your nipples I feel your

hands on my crotch

my rising penis.

you are doffing clothes

in this seduction of each other

i go down on you.

you cry out and throw your head

back in a wave of pleasure

your fingers pinching my nipples

make me grow and let my fingers

slide into you

finger-loving your pussy

sing out in lust you will

‘ahhh’ as you feel your climax

burning you

omitting more cries

that turns me on for you

‘i want to slide into you my love’

i hear myself moan and arch

see your eyes gazing at my erect


your hand touches my bums

let my buttocks ache for

your finger’s sensual massage

i feel my breathing increase

notice your eyes slowly closing

as I move my pelvis against you

and move it back again

my cock diving into your lubrication

this slide that feels like a sweetened

push and pull

bathing in honey and in milk.

there is a burning swelling from inside

as I hear you moan ‘come on love, come!

oh sweet fucking, finish it love!’

‘fuck me anetha, harder!’

you scream, ‘oh sweetest fuck i come!’

then i hear your cry that penetrates

my head/my body/my heart/and my cock

and as I touch my balls I feel this

rising urge to come, to ejaculate

my juices into you

hold still for those moments

when the spasms I feel coming

i enjoy so much

this rushing come to spray into you

and press my penis into your vulva that

grips my cock in its spastic climax –

i come, and i come and feel the spurts

of semen bursting out intermittently

against this window –

you see the runs of milky white

from my body’s juices.

i see your finger in your cunt

and the other one plucking at your

hard pointed nipple.

arching back we come together

in a final cry ‘uhhh…uhhhhh/fucking

sweet anetha

fucking you all over

my very best of fucks


then we dim the lights,

we lie on our beds and now as it

is deep night or early morning

it’s a night of lovemaking

across a courtyard through the


in the darkness and in the void

across this ocean,

in a great distance.



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