the poet creates ongoing

this huge ship

of an uncertain future

he weaves a whole tapestry

of colourful weaving

includes clever little word


and finds himself

perched on a münchhausen’s


a high-speed flight

near stratospheres of fancy

at all times new adventures


reach a highlight floating

with his favourite muse

thru’ the spring air of athens

where he lived literally

to the meaning of eleftheria

as an artist

as a friend of the arts

tasting it like a delicious dish

to the end/near detriment

of his tested soul

something never anticipated

nor expected.

still to avoid the bone-man’s


he’ll pull back from a jump

at lover’s rock

in high-age less adventurous

saved by the bell

and a helping hand

on to the raft of survivors

that drifts slowly eastwards

with enough space left for

good friends

as Charon has left for lethe

and the poet treasures

the golden obulus

he’s receiving

one still has to buy bread

and some wine

at the next anchoring post




One thought on “present

  1. the poet’s thoughts on his present state of being recalling the past but looking forward
    in spite of a world in turmoil. Sitting down and communicating with everybody of goodwill.

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