Pablo/ the artist from joburg

had a dream: he was invited

to a workshop in athens

working on the theme ‘humanity’

to contribute his art.

If accepted, he would win a place

with the selected artists

to exhibit at the united nations

in vienna, austria

where his work would be exposed

to an international clientele.

indeed/he met a young woman

artist who was keen to bring her

messages across as text in her

depictions – all positive.

pablo wished to create a visible


with his paintings

to resemble inhumanity

to lift his colleague’s work up as

the highlight  – show how much

was still wrong with the world.

his friend wondered what the

matter was with pablo the artist

known for his eros-motives.

pablo told his friend that he’d

need a hard challenge to wake up

to another perspective

free himself from a stereotype world

of repetition –

the poet lauded him:

’fantastic pablo’

you are a true artist.

then the poet woke from his

confusing dream




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