twelth song

this gift of an indian summer

that sweltered on our bodies

warming us like a baking oven

is now set aside into memory

as sudden cold winds fall across

the lands and even the gleaming

ibis flies low and cries out as if

in pain

perturbed as if announcing

as toth’s messenger

imminent dangers

dark happenings in the great

mood swings of african nature.

weather reports are always to

be viewed with a pinch of salt

what man does not know and

just guesses

the Ibis knows so much earlier

so much better!

accurate and as if burdened by

that news

they flew above our heads

a few days ago and yesterday

noticing their noisy commotion

today the cold grip of the ‘berg’

extended its icy breath far into

the highveld’s heart

where the country trembles in a

first wintry cold

with our skins chilling and

goosebumps gathering in waves

of shivers

a fever rushes across one’s body

it’s suddenly winter

that arrived in a surprise visit

it’s winter in egoli in just one day.

i have not seen you much around

and sensed you have enough to


other people to talk to maybe

i missed your touches

you were gone into a world of

another kind

of picturesque beauty

coastal peace and tranquility

all in a day in this cold

here my mood had changed

from springtime into autumn days.

here the leafs still fall and tumble

nature’s sadness rules and nature

dies in a way that is sudden

not the powerful colorful ways

that arouse one’s senses for beauty

with color splashed out and composed

on masses of trees and huddled bushes

one could for weeks admire in the north

i once called my permanent home.

how much do I miss your love and

this closeness of our minds and

bodies that touch with a longing

that is so enhanced by our voices

that cry and sing-out in utmost


whenever we bury ourselves

into the folds of our caresses

whenever our bodies crush into each

other in quickening built-up heat

we both have such great pleasures

to burn in.

like this cold snap that came now

overnight and you were leaving

to a world that you tell me suits

the others

but causes sufferings

to our lives.

i did not realize how deep this world

of hidden desires

has taken hold of heart and soul

has livened up my body’s fallow


in this splendid temple of eros

that we have shaped together

closely to a piece of art

on aza isle

this isle of splendors in white

marble and shining gold

that entails an eternal fire in front

of aphrodite’s sacred altar,

like a fire extended from our hearts

that have fused into each other

entwined our limbs and bodies

we lie in the sacred lagoon and

below the grove with its covers

that are grown from free rambling

wines that twist and turn in the

enjoyment of their freedom

bursting out in pure pleasure and


creating the most sweet and

succulent grapes that bounce above

our heads

whenever we enjoy to stand close


touch and rub our bodies like

the vines rub against each other


our skins and sexes

that are seeking these close-up

hot pleasures day and night.

‘i missed you’ these words contain

the message that percolates

in sadness from your lips

that open for my own lips

that now hurt from withdrawal

symptoms and dryness

since I could not kiss you for so

many days

the way I wanted to.

i hug you close and press you

tight against my body

feel your stirrings creep lustfully

into mine and mingle to more

powerful feelings


i want to see your face and kiss

your closed eyes

your tender cheeks and run along

your nose

press my lips softly onto your lips

then more firmly onto yours

pressing more and more

until we want to eat each other up

in these deep kisses

talks of enticed tongues and flesh

and lust and burning want.

and in all that you and I really

want to do to each other.

like the cold wintry day that hit my

skin with a sudden feverish rush

your touches and kisses hit me

now and absorb me

and we bounce our desires back

and forth to such an extent

i rip off your clothes

let my fire spread all over your neck

and your bouncing chest

your tits that spring into life

jutting loose from your soft top

your nipples that gleam in red

and fiery pink

and pierce my skin

that squashes over you.

my cock that sticks into your

bosom’s cushions

rubbing into your glass-hard

nipps that mark its dark pink


fucking you and your heart

that extends to me with your

opened mouth

that takes my penis sucking

inside you

lets me touch your most sensitive

your innermost

in this quest for pure lust and

pleasures we want to give each

other right now.

you hold me and caress me to

the utmost and to the point you

want me eagerly in you.

i kiss you

tasting my own scent

in your warm mouth

licking your breasts and gulping

them down into my mouth

rolling my hands across your

hardened nipples

squeezing/biting/and then I turn

you around

and slide along your spine and

to your back and ride your bums

and feel your crack and wetness

open for my fingers, and my hands

spread you wide and open for my

head to find a place of excitement

a spring of juices that I suck so

eagerly into me

to quench my libido’s thirst

but entice my fire for sucking you to

your oncoming height and to your

climactic cries.

you come and want me to come

but I do want to entice you even


my cock stroking your clit

rubbing it on head to shaft in this

most intimate of rubbings until

you climax once more.

i slide into you finally

feeling your readiness for me

and your fire

rolling me onto my back you ride me

slowly and enjoying these first slides

that are sensual and a lovers delight

like the first tasting of a new created wine

it pleasures me the way you love me

with this up and down moves where

the feelings are stirred to the utmost

and the body’s lust wants to fly away

and eagerly consume this lust

that we so languidly enjoy.

you ride me in a way I can relax

delay my come that I want to keep

to the last moment

that moment of the ‘little death’

a french poet called it fittingly.

you say ‘touch my breasts’ as you

ride me and my hand is there already

squeezing you/fingers rubbing your

areolas/squeezing your pink nipple

as you cry out in a burst of lust

we ride closer to our heights

faster on this highway to orgasm

your torso arches in delight

and your breasts move up and out

in my hands

your mouth opens and your eyes close

and just a few more pushes

up and down your thighs we race

your cunt contracts on my shaft

i touch your clit and you will come

cry out and draw this sound out


and at this moment I want to

shower into you my hot juices

ejaculate into you deeply

my come will be your come

we will clamber and rock into one

i pull you down close to my face

wanting to breathe into you

suck you into my mouth

like your cunt sucks my prick

into you

my total body shudders

disappears into you at an instant

in this perfect fuck

in this sweetest of all fucks

we ever had.

‘fuck me anetha’ i cry

‘i fuck you hard’ you gasp

‘what a glorious day of fucks’

‘fuck you to death’ i cry with you

and we both want to fuck

until we die.

we come/we come/we come

in spasms/spurts/and swirls/

and grabs and tightened holds

your fingers grab my back and

bury themselves deep into my

skin and my hands that squeeze

your bums

squeeze more and my mid-finger

slides into your opened anus hole

i feel your contractions

closing tightly around it

you cry out in your extended come

‘oh sweet fucking you!

the utmost!’

we die together

i still move in you.

we die together in this ‘little death’

in a falling sensation –

together we die.



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