your eye shines like a

miniature helix nebula

microcosm – macrocosm

the universal order

above and below

wherein all your life’s

happenings shine

like crystal inserts in a ring

set with gemstones.

the poet writes about the

eye of a muse

he befriended

dissected her innermost


and her greatest joys

perhaps she was though

putting him on a bit

or maybe it was all set

as a play

in his inner theatre of


but at one stage

high flying turns to

low falling

sweet turns bitter.

yet in a burst of attraction

making-up is love’s biggest


the untimely passing of a



will always be a tragedy

we live with

all our lives in thought

yet still –

the work of the bone-man

we call a treacherous deed

cheating on one’s happiness

but the only retribution

will be words strung to chains

of verses –

will words be sharp as a

samurai sword for the poet

will it cut all ghosts of the

immediate past into thin

slices of stanzas?



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