eleventh song

i met you standing at this wall

of uneven gray-white blocks

that neatly connect into each

other so tightly

like hand into glove

a giant puzzle that skillful labor’s

hands have built to last.

you smile at me with dusky eyes


‘come more close’

to view/to touch/and to taste

from your lips that slightly open

for me

kissing you close


for your skin that glows warmly

on my eager searching palms.

you let me touch you and entice

me taking off your soft shirt top,

it’s getting dark

but there’s nobody around

to watch us

not here at a wall

we do not mind as we are keen

to search each other’s bodies,

to undress and kiss each other’s

scents and sweetness.

my lips touch your bosom

enclose your hardened nipples

that make you pour out ready

wetness that my fingers feel

between your thighs

my head goes down on you

hands open belts and buttons

let your pants tumble down.

i kiss your belly that stretches

leads me to your vagina’s open

lips that I have touched

through your pants and your

opening welcome legs.

‘i want to fuck you anetha’, i say

“slide on top of my waist, let me lift

your back against this bed of stone

that radiates the sun still enclosed

slumbering from the day

into you

your arms circling around my neck

facing you and your heaving breasts

your back touches the smooth stone


as if you would touch

the surface of my skin

let you slide down to my thighs with legs

around me to this angle that you like

sliding into me

lowering your bums

your thighs sitting on mine

we find the right angle to join

the perfect fit like stones on the wall

your cunt on my cock

my rocking hardness

that slides in you

oiled push and pull

with circling moves and with

digging into you like an animal

in heat

moans and groans and words

emanate of me

in between we kiss and i squeeze

your breasts

you want me to bite your nipples

Just enough you get more excited

stretching out against the wall

that suites your catlike-moves

slow and sensual and as we

build up more of our want

and feel the waves of rising heat

my finger rubs your lovely clit

you moan in a dance of cats

in heat ‘i am ready soon’ i say

but breathing made it heavy

to whisper

but we say words

we always want to hear that

make us come ‘fuck me hard’

your words press out between

short and heightened breath

‘i fuck you faster now and hard’

rocking my pelvis into you,

i hear my hissing sounds

‘anetha come with me!’

we ride and slide until we are

so ready now

‘come’ you say to me, ‘come!’

your hands tugging in my hair.

a final move into your cunt until

the tilt

my balls now push

against your bums

in a last push deep into you

I come into your tightening pussy

holding still

to feel this climax fully

my ejaculation showers into

you with spurts I help along

with involuntary further pushes

every time i feel it coming out

of my bursting cock


spastic sensations

sweet pussy

holding you tight and close

my head on your breasts

sucks with lips that are dry

and swollen

your still erect nipples rub against

my rasping tongue, in your

final enjoyment of these pleasures

we found lustful sweet

stretching against a warm rock

as a bed

‘anetha/oh anetha/how I love

to fuck you’

close-up and against a sloping wall

like climbing up a  mountain

to reach its distant apex

feel exhilarated/free from pain and


and soar among the cotton wool

of clouds.



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