tenth song

i looked upon your stance

against the heaped-up stone

this wall/your body’s softness is

set against its hewn-out surface

like this urge in me to kiss you


press my lips against your

body’s lower lips whose swellings

beckon me to reach out and feel

their shapes along your skin-tight


the roundness of your bosom

invites my hands to echo their

shape and let their marbled skin

lie in my hands

their pointed nipples sing and dance

between my fingers that unrestrained

became alive on your torso

i fully explore

disrobing your body halfway

my other hand slips down on

your belly and seeks your lower


whose warmth and moistness

feels irresistibly stirring and arouses

my body’s sinewy loins

let me slide down on you

kiss your vaginal lips that

have shaped their welcome

through your clothes

in this want to have you

to hold you in my circling


that caress your bums

fingers in your folds

i hear you crying out ‘ohhh’

soft and urging me on to

love you again and again.

my head is in your wetness

breathing into you the way

you breathe/fast/excitingly

and more it builds to a storm

as lips cover lips and fingers

slide tongue tasting you

another cry that follows your


my want is at its piercing height

lifting you high up

against this wall that radiates

the day’s deep sucked-in heat.

in this warmth you slide down

onto me and enter my shaft

that pushes inside you, ‘ahh’

in sounds and sighs of love

holding you in close caress

you cannot resist to move

up and down climbing this

high/warm wall

whose hewn surface becomes

my skin

you slide upon

in ever increasing riding

moves you jump on me and

into me with lustful roughness

vocal bursting exclamations

that i feel i am like this wall

you climb with cat-like moves

and in this absorption of a

heated stone and naked skins

my cock pushes you up and


together we climb to the peak

of this fine heaped mountain

then slip and fall

in excitement

with burns and in agony

to hold on to loosened stones

that let us slide

fall down into this valley of

a ‘little death’

in our summits clamoring

in ecstatic closeness

stretched to the hilt

in a fuck against this wall.



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