nineth song

did you see the primeval light

in your agony/close to death?

why do you live?

why did you suffer?

yesterday and tomorrow

reach out and join hands

downfall and rebirth of cultures

an ever present enigma of

this world

what was created must perish

what has passed must resurrect

this/the sense of our existence?

is love like death

the final level of exultation?

the fields of remembrance of our

youth and innocence

are reason enough for living

worth enough to have lived for.

the stirring times of youth’s doubts

and its internal fights

shape its unfaltering spirits

now in maturity returning again

to naïve beliefs

and sentiments of childhood?

why do you live?

why did you suffer?

overpowering feelings of love

reborn again?

love and pain/close sisters

in utmost exultation and equal

in ecstatic caress

how deep love cuts so sharply

as if a lance has intruded

a shaft that entered smoothly


broiling inside you

in heat’s sliding repetitively

until exasperation opened up

your soul for him to share

in liquefying intimacy.

sweeping along in speeds of

pureness of desires

and in clean-burning passion

on this superhighway’s glide

o passionate/o lustful/

o sweet fucking anetha

the sights and sounds of

your pussy

blessed my throbbing cock


let me lie down

spread your arms like on a


lovingly i enter you

and drive my nails of lust

into the pinkness of your

womb’s sweet suffering and

your intermittent moans

i will not let you die

but if we die

we die together

on this symbolic cross of union

and of pure love

in this pounding of my loins

that suffocates your innermost

until your face lights up

in radiance of ecstasy and lust

that’s just like similar in pain

your voice lances my heart

and cuts into my soul

in this high note of your topmost

cry that has penetrated me

just like my shaft penetrates you.


why do you live?

why did you suffer?

i pierced you through in loving


our eyes are full of tears

but our loins are full of joy

even if we grieve at a distance

that causes our sufferings

who is she who would not weep

in such distress?

who would not feel compassion

for two lovers distanced like this?

souls unified and tormented

subjected to dejection and to


ana/my beloved fountain of love

sharing my ecstasy and desires

in this depth of our sufferings

i am in you and plant my seed

warmly into your inner soul!

Imprint this love and sweet


deeply in our hearts

to share this loving crucifixion.


in my pelvic thrusts

until our bodies weep in this

pureness of lust

we burn and we are aflame

calm together in the purgatory

of our passion’s darkness

that creates this inner peace

that heals the wounds of

this crucifixion.



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