sixth song

you went away to go to

church and celebrate

be part of a tradition

i do just faintly know

but then recall

that once i observed it

in my youth’s early days

in my town of birth.

i am restless and i want

to find you

seek you out between

the masses of people and

the priests

listen for some time to

ancient rites and to these

traditional songs that

celebrate the rebirth

of a deep belief.

there! I found you

sitting in your pew

sunk deeply into thoughts

of whatever you are thinking

well now

i know that you feel my

close-by presence

as you stir and our eyes will


sending sparks that gleam

reflections of gold and silver

from the altar’s vessels

from the shining halos

of so many icons

the golden threads of

bearded priest’s vestments

sending us the signals

to elope and rush away

on these gleaming rays

to the nearby yard

the outside warmth that

suddenly envelops us

like all excitements we feel

in this secluded garden

where this one place exists

where lovers meet

to express their loving

in tight physical closeness

in a niche that offers us

the privacy we need.

where you now knee

in front of me

where I have slid so

tightly into you

you sigh and mingle your

cry with the traditional

songs of the priests

that blend so well into

this night –

this night we can love

together so well

in my clinging to your

body’s back

I feel your spasms and

with it my spiral flight of


in a final push and pull

that elevates me high

and tastes so



zjg poetry’02/’20.

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