fifth song

the day was long and


the words that I seek

now hang in tatters

around the branches of

my tested brain

there is no way I can

escape from this ticker tape

trashed environment.

my head is saw and my

arm seeks some rest

as if it would be tired

of its permanent attachment

to my body

in a sudden attempt for

an independent life.

my heart is aching

i have not heard from you

since yesterday

there! a message!

a sign that you’ re alive

thinking of me

in my tiny writer’s place

this space I would not

trade for any riches –

‘yes’ you say, ‘i seek you!’

my heart beats out

loudly in a leap.

‘i kiss you softly’ I reply

‘because i love you’

‘i want you now!’ you urge

‘it is high time for me

‘i have to go!’

it is a time that puts on

pressures even for

love and leisure

but sometimes love is

sweet thus pressured

off come clothes and shoes

shirts and pants

i hold you in my arms

i feel the hardness on me

your body rubs into.

in this sudden flux of feelings

want and burns of desire

that light-up our bodies

with a glow that wanted

to be ignited

by an instant action.

i spread you on the floor

of this soft fine carpet

white/artificial/fur like grass

inviting you to stretch

and wriggle

turning me and sliding

onto me

riding me in this prurience

of this special moment

that makes this fuck

so sweet and burning

and double lustful

in fear

that someone could come

and see us fornicating

through the window’s

faded/blue stained frames

that stand invitingly ajar.



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