fourth song

first thoughts are: you

like all the thoughts

that guide me through

the day

long before the birds

appear and wake me up

with their lively warbles

you already woke me

with your thoughts.

i feel your body close

this warmth that speeds

its life into me

this warmth that feeds

our fragile existence.

this morning and this

fusion of love that spreads

in me so rapidly

that has virtually captured

both our lives so very


it is now that I do

the things you also do

the love that you want

is the love in me that

you ask for yourself:

‘how did this happen

to us two?

who are so much in love

that nothing and nobody

can now change this world

we have created

to dive into

to live in there

we seek so urgently?

a place where we are

completely free of shackles

and any burdens

that so hard sits upon us

bending spirits and the


free in the lightness

of our touches

the lips that fly across

our bodies

the tongues that speak

this wondrous language

that our bodies seek.

the conversation of our


our attracted physiques

this endless, never ending

topic that creates

this rising fire consuming us

our hearts and souls

and from whose heaped-up


repeatedly we rise

in exhilarated moments

a pair of wide-winged birds

that soar up into space

in a constant urgent quest

experiencing eternity.

eternity? elysian fields?

whatever words describe

the endlessness.

love is endless.

love is the universe.



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