third song

it’s thrice I loved you

it’s thrice you came

your voice that sings to me

your song of pleasures

has recorded itself in me

in chambers that have closed

its sweetness into registers

kept for eternal memory.

there is no sweeter moment

that I cherish than to be with

you in love

and in this want

to create a world of touches

and hotly contested desires

that flow through me like a

river flows underground

and lets it’s murmurs sound

in leaps of abundant freedom

splashing unexpectedly

to the surface ground.

there are the touches and the

disrobing when that moment

stirs strong feelings in me

and i just flow with your current

that sweeps me away into you.

then as i fight the waves

but enjoy the pulling and the

pushing that arouse me to the

utmost of my being

i know that the moment has

arrived to let my sweetest of

poundings lance your gaping


that opens up to me

that wants to entice me

to the brim of my feelings.

my cock enters you repeatedly

in this wild and sudden union

of thrusts

that have me close my eyes

and pound away

until the reddened bodies die.

oh sweetest lust we want to

pierce into and tap a piece

of ecstasy

that gives me just a shortened


into the endless universe

i die! i die!

your lips that hold my phallus

swollen tight

this lance that wounded you

your sacred innermost

still seems so lustful and in


as all is spent of it in you.

my life is yours

flowing into you. i die! i die again!

your cunt that closes

around my cock and sucks me

into you so deep. so deep

and soon i disappear

for now i live in you.



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