second song: pounding

there are nights when

i can love you in want’s

multiple ways

that stir us up into this

frisson of so many heights

we hardly seem to fall

into deep sleep.

and as the night progresses

you lie close to my side

and marvel with me about

a love that came so late in


but that has bounced

in us overjoyed in leaps

and bounds

igniting the furnace of our

lustfulness manifold

with continuous want and

constant stirrings

bequeathed onto your body

that wetness you unfurl

onto mine

thru’ my recurring hardness

that now fully aroused

is for you to have

to slide upon in your hottest


gliding like a ship’s keel

through the warm waters

of your inner womb

like dolphins dart through

iridescent waves in bursts

of swirls and sudden turns

flashes of light that flicker

like neon-lit amphibians

off the crest of the sea.

i close my eyes and listen

to the poundings of the keel

that pierces and that glides

unhindered and so smooth

like I glide into you.

my hands that hold your

rounded rump and legs

that embrace my back

and move relentlessly

clutching me

pulling me into you

in rapid poundings

until I lose my conscious


dissolved in lust.

my body moves into you

and places itself tightly

fittingly like a Lego piece

that snaps into place

yet my soul has freed itself

it emerges in my cry that

resembles yours in color

and in depth of tone

and flies away as a white

pair of windswept birds

who found together solace

in free flight.



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