love’s endless rolling of

thoughts that zoom across

the sky’s sun filled blue

cupola of our inner head

stirrings of our mind and


originating from the fount

of our innermost

seat of our desires/emotions

and haunting wistfulness

stretching endlessly

as the sky above us

with a beginning and no


it is about love that wells

inside again by sheerness

of a single thought

watching your face light up

forming shadows below

the minute hollow of your

cheeks, only a lover does

observe/only an intimate

friend can see that smile

complimenting the mystical

amber of your eyes.

from that depth an image

will rise that resembles

my own face/i wonder if

you also see your face

mirrored in midst all these

polished splinters that

resemble a gem for you

a gem – you say –

that are my eyes

this disk of color that

changes in moods of joy

and in heights of lust

lighting up all facets

like flames in crystal glass.

it’s in midst of my fierce

poundings into your

welcome-wetness that

takes me into its slippery

sleeve that swallows

my throbbing shaft

that fucks you fiercely

pushing us into more

burning heights.

along the corridor of our

wistful desires

we knock on the doors

of our innermost –

the seat of our souls –

that lie behind in pureness

in this prurience that fills

my gasping mouth

my breathing up

and let my spirit fly away

together with yours.


One thought on “poundings

  1. for my readers: an ongoing first publication of ballads, called “Cantos Libidos”. I appreciate your loyal following and also at times a world-wide increasing interest in my poetry. Thank you all. zz.

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