once you wake-up and realize

that you’ve lived already more

years than your grandparents

your father/uncles/most members

of your family

but not yet as long as your mother

you’ll challenge ‘fate’ in the peace

and quiet of your work

your mind still works reasonably

well indeed

but you wouldn’t question your

life expectancy by numbers

but for the quality of staying alert

thru’ mental exercises

to follow suit to daily walks

remember –

indeed all the prep-work from your

crazy-active time

will be revived

with a new love interest –

perhaps not noticed until now –

propelling you forward

in terms of your creative output

as an artist

with an innate desire to better


to become fully rounded in the

two arts you pursue at present

just like a total woman

desired for mutual fulfilment

in eros

called a ‘rounded woman’.




One thought on “rounded

  1. seldom a woman will be acknowledged as a ’rounded woman’ if she hadn’t been sentimentally educated and had this education put to the test.
    same with artists. They discover their talent and need to be nurtured by people knowledgeable in the arts. Once an education has been completed and life takes its course with earning a living, the artist discovers that he is punished by society, having to earn a living with whatever job he will get, whatever boss he has to be a slave to, and only in his free time, he’ll be able to execute his talents and make artistic drawings, paint his inner conflict, and hope that one day he’ll be found by a person caring for his talent’s creative expressions. There are many talented, his friend used to say, but only a few are selected.

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