the death of a relationship

is indeed the death of a secret


says manuel vilas

but then you had taken no time

to recognise such hidden ways

as there are fresh strong feelings

at the start of a new affair

then perhaps its sliding through

a healthy portion of eros

into a marriage of limitations.

the life you’ve tenaciously started

to build in a foreign country

shook in an earthquake of

dwindling legs

crashing down house of cards

dreams pursued with vigour

interrupted and destroyed by

a charming marauder –

like life is at times –

when the gold of your steady


runs out like fine sand from

your clenched fist

that held on to it tightly

and all changes overnight

ships that ran ashore

covered up thru’ sand dunes

of fleeting times

cities disappear

to be found by the archeologists

of future fame

who’ll decipher the writings of

a secret language.



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