to meet a friend is not

to keep up with some

odd news

or pat each other on the


it’s to share values of a

personal striving for


in one’s own art of drawing

and painting

of sharing and writing

poetry and prose.

besides – if you feel being

drawn to the good vibes

of a person –

you’ll also extend philia to

her or him.

discussing the groove of

creativity : where ‘it’ paints

where ‘it’ draws’

where ‘it writes’

is a gift to feel and share

with a kindred soul

a wondrous being

you’ won’t find at the drop

of a hat.

so we meet – mon –

the friend/the facilitator/

inspiring with her thoughts

of calling out an artist to

observe/an anatomist/poet/

a painter/a nonconformist

to peruse his poetry

to visit an exhibition –






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