in times of lockdown no.2

many rebel against regulations

that seem to emerge from

an unfinished thought process

and insult the logical mind

perhaps profitable for someone’s

economical gain.

for the poet as for most artists

lockdowns won’t affect his

creative output

save for the lack of a potential


or the ban to meet friends

in public places

the hum of human interactions

brought to a silence

it’s like bees not any longer

allowed to fly



injuries in this shouting silence

but friendships will soothe our


and our hearts will grow fonder

of a friend/copine/muse/

ame soeur:

les ames soeurs ne meurent


the elegant verbal phrase will

hit the proverbial nail

on the centre of its head –

soulmates never die –

not in a state of euphoric


not in moments of mutual

autoerotic states of being

in spite of all the lonesome


there’s love

love to share

love & art



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