long live the muse

while searching for a pair of

suppression stockings

to rid my feet from an oversupply

of liquid –

i’d rather imbibe red wine –

and found in between sorting

of tons of paper/newspaper cuts/

magazines/prints of my writings/

poetry/notes on a novella

about the dramatic happening

around Andromeda

cast into a wondrous star.

besides of working hard on this

sunday afternoon 12/06

usually reserved for my poetry

i’ve found out that i was really

searching for that kind of love

that has left behind traces

in all my writings –

and anna’s poem: ‘a tear for zed’

sums it all up –

when real deeper seated love


perhaps only once in a lifetime

if at all

in a person’s life

however/the innocence/ and

the ingenuity of a poet

draws on bevy of beautiful and

giving angels

who’ll be the best muses –

sent by the god of the arts –

for the poet’s imminent phase

of creative work.

zontani mousa

long live the muse



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