love & art 01

if in art it’s love

that makes it happen

so it should be then

in life

it’s not grabbing of goods

and not the smashing shadows

of dark cyclops

even if the poet’s words

still linger on: if you set out

for attica…

if love and art rule your mind

there’s nothing to be afraid of

not the dark cousins of


not the stooped huddled trios

at abandoned street corners

not the slick conmen in

armani suits

with a mean and hungry look

love and art had been good

to you

generous with their presents

only you could appreciate

you – the artist

who carries the scars of battles

on his face

on his hands

on his torso and his feet

love and art in an unrestricted


have ceased all physical pain

your muse who bent down

for your emotional pounding.



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