my first hymn

the line of horizon flashed

so visible/ so dense and


a dream of her spiky hair

on a face of sculpted marble

my first hymn.jpgsmooth to the touch

changing from an inner

fluorescent glow

her lips opened for

a tongue tip slide all over

my face/ seeking my lips

in return

penetrating the forecourts

of my soul

dancing about this obelisk

tattooed with symbols of

our lives we peeled off to

bring them all to life:

faces so real/ yet crystallized

fingers splayed and probing

yet so moderately cool

legs folding and clasping

yet so close to real skin –

I believed her want and

passion filled my loins

in spite/ i could have been

fooled/ i pressed back onto

her and at my height of joy

and pleasure dived into her

opening soul that swallowed

me up.

This my first hymn.



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