i’m fascinated by faces

facial expressions

i watch them undetected

for the real self

that is slowly emerging

if one is patient

sense the happy one/the

radiant/the disappointed/

the long face/the angry/

the sweet italian girl’s face

serving with a genuine


in her tone of voice.

she wouldn’t serve me a


being over-nuked in the


so one would burn one’s

lips and tongue

like the hateful woman

with a freezing vibe

so i’m looking forward to

be served by my favourite


always serving me great

well-prepped food

besides. besides.

the young woman

holistically pleasant with

good looks

inclusive good manners

will win the contest of all

serving lasses for me

not the bolshie

pushing for attention.


today mon came and she

made my day

i had once a painting

dedicated for her

but now after a few years

i wasn’t able to find it.

search. search for mon’s

superb painting.




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