friday 13 –

for too many a taboo

of engaging in any outdoor

activities/even stay inside

but to some even in their bed

all day

consider it a safe heaven.

as one observer of this day 13

that fell on a friday

riddled by his phobia of

superstition: bad things will

happen on such a day/ he said

not for the artist

who was born in his grandpa’s

house/at number 13.

which he had built himself and

he was not superstitious

while some hotels don’t feature

a floor thirteen.

however/the poet had a dialog

of interest with the artist

who cleaned-up the highly

polished polyurethane surfaces

of the panelled wall decorations

where his paintings were

attached by double-tape

for nine months –

imagine as long as a pregnancy

would normally take –

but for an exhibition a record

especially for a not yet well-known

artist to the viennese society.

on friday 13th the last procedure

of removing all exhibited pieces

of paintings

was a fine solo finnisage.




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