charlie hebdo (hommage)

terror reigned on the streets of


in a surprise attack the offices

of charlie hebdo were violated

staff mowed down brutally with

automated gunfire by a group

of terrorists –

the poet/the artist/all real human


felt the shock of this immediate news

and imagine being offended by

satire and its art/however biting

in the 21st century

as it encompassed everybody

western societies believe in the

freedom of art/drawing/writing

stirring-up the bourgeoisie

waking people sated by a good


living in a fool’s paradise

shock waves spread throughout

the entire world

as all took a stand for a free mind

freedom of speech definitely

freedom of depiction in all

art-related genres

it’s an endless fight for enlightenment

against the dark ages

and against baffled minds through

suppressive ideologies.

remembering charlie hebdo.



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