x-mas star

one x-mas before the first


due to the covid 19 pandemic

the artist drew a crimson-coloured


blooming at year’s end

that had been adapted as natural

contribution for decorating trees

dinner tables/reefs/bouquets/

people present as a gift to each


the artist’s drawing and colourful

rendering refused as a present

he began to add more symbolic

meaning to the study of nature’s

beautiful gift.

faces like nymphs appeared from

the heart of the flower

enjoying the festive petal dress

a whole family of visiting elfin

appeared in a mood of

joyous celebration.

since then some art lovers have

taken the time to admire the

painting’s details

and become inspired from the


this work has to tell.

starting out as a poetic present

a message of love amidst the

blue-cold at year end in the

freezing north.

x-mas flower/x-mas star/

x-mas messenger.



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