the artist’s strange dream

this morn‘ of the 27th oct

the poet woke from a dream:

a group of people

all dressed in dark garb

appeared at the artist’s


of paintings and poetry

lauding his art

amidst the group of art lovers

one person came forward

the poet’s friend/mr t/ well now

he said

which of the paintings and poetry

is the favourite of yours?

the group’s discussion followed

a decision: ‘erato/apollo frieze’

“ah/we buy it then/mr t said and

referred the matter to his sponsor

the artist hesitated: “erato is part

of the fourteen part apollo frieze.”

“i know,” mr t replied

“the sponsor agreed to buy the


“wow” the artist gasped – “i wish

to keep the right of exhibiting it.”

“ok”/mr t said “we’ll discuss the

details later/now let’s see what

my friends will buy from all the

other pic’s.”

just as the artist opened his black

order book

music sounded and mr t had


that mauro sang ‘i did it my way’…

mr t’s favourite sinatra song.



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