fallen angels

the sensation of falling has

often been experienced by

the artist in his dreams

reading about angels and

demons –

he took his pen to paper for

his responses to the reference

in the biblical descriptions

also depicted by numerous

artists thru’ centuries.

zg’s depiction results out of

having seen art thru’ exhibitions

and in museums –

both classical and also in

contemporary art –

he’s depicting the tragedy of

the great fall

that had repercussions on

men and women

as one friend commented:

we are the outcome of the

great war between

gods and giants

angels and demons.

shaking earth and mankind.



One thought on “fallen angels

  1. we are shooting with a bullet’s speed through the universe – John Hancock wrote – even if we do not physically feel it, the sensation of falling is experienced in dreams and felt. When we do our ghosts tumble from the skies…

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