the hedonist

what is it?

the artist wouldn’t explain

his art

but refer to aristotle instead:

‘it’s not what the aim of art is

to explain what you see on

the outward appearance of

things and subjects

but the inside significance.

you know from the movies

of stories about famous nudes

and their creators.

this one’s a sketch of a moment

expressing the innermost

stirrings of the artist

who fell in love with his female


that seemed to have come alive

thru’ one moment of coincidences

where all ingredients for a great

passion happen at an instant:

the lovers/the space/the envying

neighbours/the stealthy meeting/

most passionate encounters

on cat paws/whispers/the inner

explosion of not crying-out

at the point of orgasm –

all that in one painting

all that depicted with lines/colours/

and figures/well :

one aspect of an interpretation.




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