the meeting: 3. the interview

“it’s great what you’ve done

the past years” H said at the


before even the first impressions

of them had sunk into H studying

the exhibition of zg/

artist and poet/but as an artist

he recognized the works of

another artist immediately.

as they talked H switched on his

digital phone and recorded

zg’s talk

and his thoughts on his


and he explained to H his own

inspirations that led to its unique

creation in athens.

“this is superb” H said and carried

on recording ‘the meeting’.

since some tome the artists

hadn’t met

but then their life’s boats steered

into different directions.

“now then” H said “i will help you

to have a set of good pictures for

reproductions of your art.

“yes/i’d like to bring out a good set

of reference-photographs in book


to show my work when required.

H filmed with his high-resolution

handy while Z spoke

finally the owner got interested in

one of the paintings he referred to

as a watercolour

although Z mentioned mixed media

but essentially it was all water-based

media anyway.

however it’s thus amazing to hear

that paintings with any other media

than oils

are considered in the general

mainstream of opinions

are considered of less value

perhaps even in a world-city like

vienna –

knowledge about art is limited

to surface depictions and materials.

unlike aristotle already stated the

purpose and the aim of art

not to represent the outward

appearance of things

but their inner significance.

we find ourselves in the

21st century

still in a sea of deep ignorance.

for the artist/aristotle is the

take-off point for the departure

in creativity

understood and formulated.

the meeting.



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