one piece

every day the artist will

take the steps down to

the souterrain-hall with

a brick face vaulted ceiling

an ivory laminated wall panel

throughout/ fit for a tete-a-tete

salon and coffee bar –

where his artwork of the

last five years is hung

where indirect lighting

renders a pleasant atmosphere

to all paintings and to

the tranquil historical space

void of any visitors

in midst of this dreary stage

between lockdowns in

the city of vienna.

yet – some friends turned up

less frightened of covid’s

second phase and

had a good time in spite of

heavy restrictions

when smiles are scarce and

people behave irritated.

the world owes you nothing/

‘oso boreis’/comes to mind

composed by cavafy the poet/

the look forward is all more


all else left far behind.

covid comes/ covid goes

art remains with permanence

every day – the hope of

selling one piece of his art.

one piece.



One thought on “one piece

  1. if you are in the delicate age group of 2 X 40 years, you are in good shape still – thanks to your grandparent’s genes – that you make the 30 steps down to the souterrain’s vaulted salon with grace and looking like a sport…to find out if all original artwork still is in place and if at last, some visitors will pitch, who aren’t afraid of getting infected with covid 19 / 2 or whatever you’ll call the pandemic. Thank you, friends,
    and folk of art-loving contemporaries.

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