‘he who throws away a friend

is as bad as he who throws

away his life’ .sophocles spoke

some fifteen-hundred years ago.

and then what about a man

befriending another man

who intends to take his wife

who had fallen for the friend’s

sweet talk and his wealth?

positive emotions at first

will turn into a stand-off

a friendship torpedoed by

female powers of attraction.

her husband tried building-up

an existence thru’ hard work

but has been made a cuckold

in both their minds already


now then?

a painful ending.

the scars of her husband’s heart

won’t heal and his friend

will meet another friend

who’ll satisfies his needs.

the husband’s wife will seek

recluse in the delicate world of

medical healing –

and the souls of this triad

participants had been knocked

up badly.

what did freud say about a

triangular relationship?

‘one person will be the real loser

which one?

probably in this specific case –

all three.




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